Woeli Publishing Services

The Team at Woeli Publishing Services

Beginnings . . .
Set up in 1984, Woeli Publishing Services began life precariously by publishing two collections of poetry, namely A Harvest of Our Dreams and Earthchild. Thereafter, other poetry collections followed and this publishing house came to be noted for supporting creative writers (of poetry, prose and drama).

In course of time, this publishing house built up a solid reputation for scholarly publishing and children’s books. In recent times, Woeli Publishing Services has started publishing for schools and colleges. But throughout its existence, our publishing house has offered services like Editing, Typesetting, Design and Typography to its numerous customers, including fellow publishers.

To be recognised as a highly professional African publishing house, satisfying educational and information needs of people.

To provide online as well as print production services to the satisfaction of all.

The symbol of three bean-shaped bodies leaning against each other for support was designed by Woeli Dekutsey. Even though the emblem can be interpreted in many positive ways, the main source of inspiration is the fact that in the publishing process three of the most important links in the chain are the Author, Publisher and the End-user or Reader. Everyone in the chain needs each other.

“Woeli—where quality comes first.” Quality here is being used in its broadest sense to encompass quality in editing, printing and the whole business of packaging information in the form of books, journals, etc.